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Reach Out

Understand candidates better, send out reach out forms to better understand their expectations and abilities.


Send and receive emails with the candidate and your team members and view them in the context of the interview process.


Request interviews with specific focus areas that the interviewer can concentrate on.


Quantitative and qualitative feedback is automatically collected from the interviewer.


Discuss and keep track of different assessments and upcoming interviews in one place.



After logging in, the dashboard shows you pending/received feedbacks from interviewers, the status of candidates that you recently reached out to and the status of recent ongoing candidate interviews.


On your opening page, you can manage currently considered candidates and their status. Also, you can reach out to candidates from the Caliber network.

Interview Process

Here you and your team members can look at the interview process of the candidate, make decisions and take notes - as well as reach out to the candidate and have the conversation in one place.


While scheduling an interview, fill in the focus areas to automatically generate a feedback form that the interviewer can use to share granular feedback on each aspect. This helps you make better decisions on how the candidate performed.


This is an example of one of the notification emails that the candidate might get once an interview has been scheduled. The interviewer is also sent an email notifying them about the interview as well as later reminding them to go to the feedback page and share thoughts.



Caliber is free to use for as many candidates as you like, with interviewers from your company.
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Reaching out to candidates and interviewers from the Caliber Network will require a paid plan.

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